2020 Kathleen Ferrier Awards

Following the successful completion of the preliminary auditions and semi-final of the 2020 Kathleen Ferrier Awards, the following performers have been chosen to take part in the final. All these performances will be available to view on-line, details of which will be made available in due course, and the winners announced at the end of the broadcast.

Ted Black                                         Tenor
Ana Manastireanu *                     Piano

Liam Bonthrone                        Tenor
Dylan Perez                                    Piano

Jessica Cale                                  Soprano
George Ireland *                           Piano

Milly Forrest                                Soprano
Hamish Brown *                           Piano

Judith Le Breuilly                      Mezzo-Soprano
Joseph Ramadan                         Piano

Julieth Lozano                            Soprano
Lucy Colquhoun                           Piano

Ella Taylor                                     Soprano
Leo Nicholson                                Piano

The following performers also took part in the semi-final of the Competition and remain eligible for the Ferrier Loveday Song Prize and the Help Musicians’ Accompanist’s Prize.

Ana Beard Fernández               Soprano
Matthew Jorysz *                          Piano

Hilary Cronin                               Soprano
Matthew Jorysz *                         Piano

Camilla Harris                             Soprano
Natalie Burch *                              Piano

Helena Moore                              Soprano
Matthew Jorysz *                          Piano

Stephanie Wake-Edwards      Mezzo-Soprano
Patrick Milne *                               Piano

* denotes pianist competing for the Help Musician’s Accompanist’s Prize.