Finalists for 2020 Kathleen Ferrier Awards

Have you watched the Semi-Finals for this year’s Kathleen Ferrier Awards?

See to catch up with the three Semi-Final programmes shown so far and available online until January 31st 2021.

At the end of Semi-Final Part 3 we announced the performers that are through to the Final, which will be shown from 6pm on Sunday 13th December at the above link. The winners of the four prizes on offer will be announced at approximately 8.30pm. All programmes are free-to-view though we hope some of those who do watch might make a donation here.

This year’s finalists are, in performance order:

Jessica Cale                                 Soprano
George Ireland *                           Piano

Judith Le Breuilly                      Mezzo-Soprano
Joseph Ramadan                         Piano

Liam Bonthrone                        Tenor
Dylan Perez                                    Piano

Julieth Lozano Rolong            Soprano
Lucy Colquhoun                           Piano

Ella Taylor                                     Soprano
Leo Nicholson                                Piano

Ted Black                                         Tenor
Ana Manastireanu *                     Piano

Milly Forrest                                Soprano
Hamish Brown *                           Piano

The following performers also took part in the semi-final of the Competition and remain eligible for the Ferrier Loveday Song Prize and the Help Musicians’ Accompanist’s Prize:

Ana Beard Fernández               Soprano
Matthew Jorysz *                          Piano

Hilary Cronin                               Soprano
Matthew Jorysz *                         Piano

Camilla Harris                             Soprano
Natalie Burch *                              Piano

Helena Moore                              Soprano
Matthew Jorysz *                          Piano

Stephanie Wake-Edwards      Mezzo-Soprano
Patrick Milne *                               Piano

* denotes pianist competing for the Help Musician’s Accompanist’s Prize.