The Kathleen Ferrier Awards 2020 Competition

Applications are now invited for the 2020 Kathleen Ferrier Awards.

The Competition is open to singers of any nationality who, on or before 3 February 2020, have completed at least one year of a continuous higher education course in music at a recognised conservatoire or music school in the UK or Eire or who have completed the equivalent year of continuous study in the UK or Eire with a recognised vocal coach; they must also be currently resident in the UK or Eire. All singers must be 28 or under on 24 April 2020.

As well as a first prize of £12,500 and a second prize of £6,000, there is the Ferrier Loveday Song Prize of £5,000 and Help Musicians UK Accompanists Prize of £5,000.

The 2020 Competition will start with preliminary auditions held between 16 to 23 March at the Henry Wood Hall, London SE1 4HU, followed by the Semi-final on the 21 April and Final on the 24 April, with both these events taking place before a public audience at Wigmore Hall, London W1U 2BP. In early February 2020 tickets will be on sale directly from the Wigmore Hall Box Office.

The deadline for applications for the 2020 competition is 3 February 2020 for singers and 2 March 2020 accompanists.

For full details of eligibility, repertoire requirements and application forms please see

All enquiries to

Dated 1 November 2019


We are delighted to announce the results of the 2019 Kathleen Ferrier Competition
which was held at Wigmore Hall on 26 April 2019.

First Prize
Benson Wilson – Baritone

Second Prize
Theodore Platt – Baritone

Ferrier Loveday Song Prize
Ema Nikolovska – Mezzo-Soprano

Help Musician’s UK Accompanist’s Prize
William Green and Ella O’Neill

2019 Ferrier Award Finalists

The finalists for the 2019 Ferrier Awards are:

Tim Morgan                                   Counter-Tenor
Joseph Ramadan                           Piano

Maria Ostroukhova                     Mezzo-Soprano
Lucy Colquhoun                             Piano

Theodore Platt                              Baritone
Keval Shah *                                   Piano

Adam Maxey                                 Bass-Baritone
Ella O’Neill *                                   Piano

Ema Nikolovska                            Mezzo-Soprano
Gary Beecher                                  Piano

Benson Wilson                              Baritone
Lucy Colquhoun                             Piano

* denotes pianist competing for the Accompanist’s Prize as are Hamish Brown, William Green and Ashley Beauchamp who played in the semi-final.

Semi-final Schedule

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the Semi-Final of the 2019 Kathleen Ferrier Awards at Wigmore Hall starting at 1:30pm

James Atkinson  Baritone
Hamish Brown *  Piano

Erik Kallo  Counter-Tenor
Joseph Ramadan  Piano

Adam Temple-Smith  Tenor
William Green *  Piano

Ema Nikolovska  Mezzo-Soprano
Gary Beecher  Piano

Andrew Hamilton  Baritone
Ashley Beauchamp *  Piano

Adam Maxey  Bass-Baritone
Ella O’Neill *  Piano

INTERVAL [3.30pm]

Tim Morgan  Counter-Tenor
Joseph Ramadan  Piano

Maria Ostroukhova  Mezzo-Soprano
Lucy Colquhoun  Piano

Theodore Platt  Baritone
Keval Shah *  Piano

Samantha Clarke  Soprano
Marija Stručkova  Piano

Benson Wilson  Baritone
Lucy Colquhoun  Piano

* denotes pianist competing for the Help Musicians’ UK Accompanist’s Prize

Tickets are available from Wigmore Hall Box Office