We are delighted to announce the results of the 2019 Kathleen Ferrier Competition
which was held at Wigmore Hall on 26 April 2019.

First Prize
Benson Wilson – Baritone

Second Prize
Theodore Platt – Baritone

Ferrier Loveday Song Prize
Ema Nikolovska – Mezzo-Soprano

Help Musician’s UK Accompanist’s Prize
William Green and Ella O’Neill

2019 Ferrier Award Finalists

The finalists for the 2019 Ferrier Awards are:

Tim Morgan                                   Counter-Tenor
Joseph Ramadan                           Piano

Maria Ostroukhova                     Mezzo-Soprano
Lucy Colquhoun                             Piano

Theodore Platt                              Baritone
Keval Shah *                                   Piano

Adam Maxey                                 Bass-Baritone
Ella O’Neill *                                   Piano

Ema Nikolovska                            Mezzo-Soprano
Gary Beecher                                  Piano

Benson Wilson                              Baritone
Lucy Colquhoun                             Piano

* denotes pianist competing for the Accompanist’s Prize as are Hamish Brown, William Green and Ashley Beauchamp who played in the semi-final.

Semi-final Schedule

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the Semi-Final of the 2019 Kathleen Ferrier Awards at Wigmore Hall starting at 1:30pm

James Atkinson  Baritone
Hamish Brown *  Piano

Erik Kallo  Counter-Tenor
Joseph Ramadan  Piano

Adam Temple-Smith  Tenor
William Green *  Piano

Ema Nikolovska  Mezzo-Soprano
Gary Beecher  Piano

Andrew Hamilton  Baritone
Ashley Beauchamp *  Piano

Adam Maxey  Bass-Baritone
Ella O’Neill *  Piano

INTERVAL [3.30pm]

Tim Morgan  Counter-Tenor
Joseph Ramadan  Piano

Maria Ostroukhova  Mezzo-Soprano
Lucy Colquhoun  Piano

Theodore Platt  Baritone
Keval Shah *  Piano

Samantha Clarke  Soprano
Marija Stručkova  Piano

Benson Wilson  Baritone
Lucy Colquhoun  Piano

* denotes pianist competing for the Help Musicians’ UK Accompanist’s Prize

Tickets are available from Wigmore Hall Box Office